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backIncredible 1796 LIKERTY Half Dime

Lot 1005
Incredible 1796 LIKERTY Half Dime

Superb MS-67
Finest PCGS Coin

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1796 Draped Bust Half Dime. LM-1. Rarity-3. LIKERTY.
MS-67+ (PCGS).
Upon viewing this coin during a visit to our California office one of America’s leading numismatic experts said, "This is one of the most amazing early silver coins in existence!" To this we add that the strike is razor sharp in every detail—an aspect shared by very few 18th century silver coins. The blue-green rainbow toning is gorgeous.

The 1796 LIKERTY half dime is one of the favorite coins in the series, and offerings of high grade examples always create a lot of attention. This is a variety that has achieved fame through its catalog and other appearances. The all-important K instead of a B in the legend is due to a defective punch. There are countless similar occurrences in American numismatics, but only those listed in A Guide Book of United States Coins get much attention.

In the Guide Book you will see the 1800 AMERICAI silver dollar listed. What is this silver dollar? At first glance you might think that the engraver made a mistake and punched an “I” at the end of the word “AMERICA.” However, that is not what happened. The word “AMERICA” was prepared in the regular manner. What appears to be an extra “I” at the end is simply a die crack in that position. Equally curious and perhaps illogical is the listing of 1922 “Plain” Lincoln cents—coins simply struck from indistinct defective 1922-D cent dies so that the D is not visible. Such things are fuel for debate and interesting to discuss.

Here indeed is one of the very finest early Mint coins in existence!

Provenance: From Christie’s sale of the Texas Collection, May 1989, lot 98, “Gem Mint State”; the Knoxville Collection described in a catalog by Jay Parrino.

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