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Mint State 1796 Quarter Eagle

Stars on Obverse
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1796 Capped Bust Right Quarter Eagle. Stars on Obverse. BD-3. Rarity-5+. MS-62 (PCGS). This remarkable coin was cataloged by David W. Akers for Auction ’89, where he stated, "This outstanding coin is the finest 1796 With Stars quarter eagle known to us by far."

Indeed, the coin is spectacular!

As noted below, the unique 16-star count on the obverse of this coin sets it apart as a separate subtype for sure or, technically, a distinct type. After they were minted, the 1796 With Stars quarter eagles were placed into circulation. This MS-62 coin is spectacular.

Following the abbreviated production of only an estimated 963 1796 quarter eagles without obverse stars, the motif was modified to add stars in the field to the left and the right of Liberty's portrait. A new obverse die was used (rather than adding stars to the starless obverse die already employed). The reverse continued the Heraldic Eagle design adopted from the Great Seal of the United States.

While it is popular to assign all With Stars quarter eagles minted from 1796 to 1807 under the heading of a single type, it would be more accurate to have multiple designations within this range. The number of stars and their placement vary from issue to issue. 1796 quarter eagles with stars have eight stars to the left and eight to the right, for a total of 16, while quarter eagles of the years 1797 through 1807 have 13 stars arranged in various ways. 1797 quarter eagles have seven stars to the left and six to the right, while 1798 quarter eagles have six to the left and seven to the right. 1802/1 quarter eagles have eight left and five right. The year 1806 comes in two varieties, eight left and five right as well as seven left and six right.

Provenance: From our Winter Sale, January 1974, lot 495; Jimmy Hayes; our session of Auction ’84, July 1984, lot 1365; David W. Akers session of Auction ’89, July 1989, lot 1356.

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